Telematics system helps and info

MyRozie Alert Settings

Spinning up with MyRozie on a Newmar New Aire. Appears to be two major omissions on the Alert Settings page. First, there is no way to alert for a low Chassis Battery. There is an alert setting for the House Battery. Second, there is no alert when MyRozie local suffers a loss of communications with the MyRozie web site. Unless you specifically go to the web site there is no way to know coach monitoring has stopped. Bob Anderson Newmar New Aire

Rozie repeatedly shutting down

I have a 2017 Newmar Essex. I am having problems getting Rozie to stay connected. In my earlier attempts at getting it work I called Newmar customer service. Their view was it had probably gone into sleep mode and I should remove the HMS-365 touch panel, get access to the Telematics Gateway (TM-555), and then unplug the main connector to reset it. The system came back to life, but only for a few hours. I repeated the procedure, this time it stayed up for about 24 hours, then went off-line/back to sleep. The "reconnect" button on the touchscreen doesn't seem to help. Right now I'm into de-powering/rebooting it each time this occurs. Do you have any idea what the problem might be?