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VMS 645

Just a question on my 645, When Dale hooked all 3 camera's to dash we were having a problem with side camera's not working so we reprogrammed dash to show rear camera when using turn signals. It worked for a while then stopped working. Now every once in a great while it will show rear camera. Is there a fix for this?

AutoCharger setting

Hi, I am new to the forum and have a new to me 2006 Country Coach Magna. It came with very little documentation and I am trying to figure out how to change the AutoCharger setting from disabled to enabled. I've attempted to change it in the VMS but had no success. I do have a Total Coach Service panel but there is no place to make a change to AutoCharger. My steps have been as follows: VMS - Select SPEC once and land on the Genstart Status page where the only thing selectable is the Sync to VMS. The page shows AutoCharger disabled and I cannot scroll to the AutoCharger line. I then press SPEC again and I land on the Genstart Settings page, I scroll down to highlight AutoCharger push the button then land on the highlighted disabled option. I turn the nob but it I cannot change the disabled to enabled. BTW, my tank readings are completely off but that is a discussion for another post. Am I supposed to be able to select AutoCharger from the status page or is there somewhere else you go to change that setting? Thanks in advance for all your help. Regards, JFerrer 2006 Magna Rembrandt

Tank Level Sensors

I am not getting any tank level readings through the TV or the SilverLeaf console. I have checked all the connections for the tanks and did find some corrosion and got that all cleaned up with some electrical cleaner and added a little dielectric grease to the connections. I found the TM-102 module and checked the tank sensor cables for corrosion there, none found but cleaned anyway. I have heard there are lights to indicate the TM-102 is on and communicating. Where are the lights located? I don't see any so now I am concerned the module had died or has no power. How do I test for power to the module?

Video on VMS645

I have the VMS645 and Video 1 is hooked up to my rear camera. All works fine and full screen video appears when I go in reverse. I do not have Video 2,3 or 4 hooked to anything. I want to use video 2,3 or 4 to display my GPS screen. Is this possible? Ideally, I would be able to push "Video" button at any time while driving and see either Rear Camera or GPS (or any other video input I might use) in full screen. The obvious reason for wanting this is that the VMS645 screen is much larger than any GPS screen. *Note: The setup screens do not even list a Video 4 option. Greatly appreciate any help and hope this setup is possible.

Mounting Box for VMS 333/350 Keypad

I recently installed a VMS 350 in my motorhome (basically a VMS 333 with more input and video options). Unbelievably, there was nowhere at all on the dashboard to mount the keypad that had free access behind. The solution was to buy a black plastic "potting box" with mounting tabs, mount the keypad in that, and then I could mount the box anywhere in the cockpit area. In case anyone else is faced with the same problem, here is a good option for doing that. The box I used has almost the same footprint as the keypad itself. I ordered a 3x3x1.5 black plastic box from Digi-Key. Part# BUD3893555-ND. Cost only $2.86 --follow this link. Since the box is almost the same size as the keypad, there was no room for washers and nuts. Went to Ace Hardware and bought threaded spacers instead to secure keypad mounting screws. The third picture shows the keypad and box mounted on the left side of the cockpit at easy arm's reach from the driver's seat. The VMS data is displayed on the camera input screen of the entertainment head unit on the right.

Unknown Error codes

I have a 2011 American Tradition 45Y with a 450 hp Cummins ISL and the standard Allison 6-speed transmission. I recently got some 'Check Engine' light warnings. Upon checking the (I think) built-in Silverleaf system, which gets displayed on a built-in Sony monitor, I found 3 codes: 264-304-31 on 2/24/16, 206848-16 on 10/24/16, and 67632-31 on 11/28/16. I have no idea what these codes mean. Can you help me? I've only owned this motorhome since the last code was encountered.


The screen in my VMS 240CL got broken. The VMS worked perfectly until then. If you have a used or broken VMS 240 or know where I can obtain one please reply. I would pay to send it to SilverLeaf and buy it if they could replace the screen in mine. It is in a 2009 CC Infinity, I can not upgrade to a VMS 440 because I had a Pioneer AVIC Z1 installed in the center console and there is no room for the much larger VMS 440. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Norb Witt 916-6112-7024 [site manager has added __ to the address. Remove them when mailing.]