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VMS 350 6 button system Screen intermittently goes blank. 747guy Sat, 2020-09-12 12:37

2006 Monaco Camelot.
February 2020 I had the Alladin system and the dash monitor replaced with a VMS 350 6 button and a Kenwood monitor that allowed Apple Car Play.

I have had a problem with the monitor going blank and unable to show engine data or video from the rear camera. Pushing VIEW does nothing as far as switching goes. Side cameras work well during this occurence ruling out the monitor itself.

Magnum MSH3012M deen Thu, 2020-08-13 16:00

Need info on changing to Magnum MSH3012M inverter.

How Do I Order Mlaser59 Thu, 2020-04-09 12:39

Need pricing and ordering information for the cable and VMS

VMS350 questions allenholz Wed, 2019-11-20 11:51

I have a new-to-me 2007 Monaco Dynasty that was converted from Aladdin to Silverleaf. Tank monitoring was converted to See-Level II and tank monitors all appear to be functioning and accurate.

According to the vague documentation (receipts from previous owner) the VMS350 was installed to replace the Aladdin, and an additional VMS350 was added to facilitate displaying the camera images on the stock Kenwood screen in the coach bedroom. A Carling switch was added in the bedroom to switch between camera views. The front display on the coach is the stock color Sony VCB-62MH.

Used VMSpc gittinby Sat, 2019-11-09 11:18

I've got a Used VPSpc that I'm not using 6 pin cable/USB offers? I can be contacted by email

VMS400CL on 2006 Apex

I have the original RS2000 inverter/charger that seems to be failing. I assume that I need to replace it with another Xantrex unit to retain all my VMS400 functions. Which current Freedom unit is a "Plug and Play" replacement. - do you have a model and part number? Also, at the Hershey RV show - Xantrex rep said a new Freedom XC Pro was coming out that will also be a direct replacement for my existing RS2000. ??? Greatly appreciate your help. Knowing how the Apex is set up - a plug and play replacement essential.

Vms 240CL Manual Download Eric Evans Tue, 2019-06-11 14:25

I know the Vms 240CL is out of production. I have a 2009 CC Allure and am looking for a link to download the Vms 240CL manual. Please reference a submittal from Dave dated 11/27/15 in which he received a link from his Forum comment.

Also, guessing I'd have to bring in the MH to your facility to see if any firmware can be updated?



PressurePro PULSE FX, Anyone?

Just learning about the VMSpc system. Really an impressive package. Not long ago, bought a 2001 Country Coach, and I'm trying to fit it out. One of the first things I learned was that the tires, which all had 3/4 inches of tread to go, were about 9 years old! So, we started thinking about a TPMS. (Actually, we also put new tires all the way around, but still, I want to be able to monitor them.) That somehow led me to learning a little about the Silverleaf VMSpc. Understanding the PressurePro system was the only TPMS that integrates with it, I sprange for their PULSE FX - after all, I have an Android phone . . . [ ] But when I tried to install the PULSE software, the phone says, Sorry, cannot operate on this old a phone. Does anyone know, does the PressurePro PULSE FX bluetooth integrate directly with the VMSpc software? Since my phone is no good, can the Windows tablet I was intending to use as a VMSpc display pick up and display the TPMS info?