VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PCs

v4.0.8 Software Add-list (current) Art Wed, 2017-11-01 12:40
...........Adds Requested.......... Maybe these are blue-sky ideas. Weren't they all at one time? a1. Drivers: During install, drop a '\Drivers' folder within c:\VMSpc. Otherwise, when migrating VMSpc folder to another PC, user must jump through some additional hoops, really needlessly, if that folder existed. b1. Stacked Gauges: Add ability to select two or more gauges and lock together/ anchor one to the other, (Send Front, Send back) 2. Push Button: Top line; "FILL" (Tank) with pump nozzle symbol [reduce clicks] 3. Radio buttons: Top line; day/night, his/hers, Layout (toggles/changes to next layout scr.xml in folder.) with 'layout' symbol [reduce clicks] 4. Tabs, Layout: For alternate gauge layouts/ theme, Tabs across the top? 5. (Layout) Export: Via menu item [Layout, Export to...] 6. Background: Need (Right-Click) Properties, Wallpaper or Solid pre-canned / theme colors, Add Picture (Gauge). 7. All Gauges: Need add'l (Right-Click) Properties: Text Size ie. larger...smaller. Color options, too? 8. Gauge Moving: (alt+arrow) to move selected gauge. (arrow) jump from selected gauge to next one over. (shift+arrow) resize. 9. Histogram: Could sure use some sort of grid or flexible, usable reference lines. Start and End-Line with value (to show change) 10. Gauge Palate colors: Custom Colors (per gauge) are carrying over to (shared by) Night palate from Day. Should be independent of Night or Day. 10-b. Gauge Palate colors: Pin-8 headlight activation. Headlights-on activates night-palate. This is for the new hardware spin. 11. Communications: AutoRestart; checkbox is superfluous. Recode it so its always doing this; remove the check-box and dialog. 12. Diagnostics Gauge: Tire messages. We currently don't trap these in this gauge-tool. Can we start with and capture J1939 PressurePro Gateway, J1708 (Bridge) and (J1939) TST messages by building them into the parser? 13. Diagnostics Gauge: Audible Alarms. The user, currently, must set up the alarms per-fault. Why not have that part of the DIAGS gauge function; alarm on fault: Engine/Trans/ABS/Tires... Add to Properties box, alarm on RED fmi or tire messages. Add ability to cancel this alert , , 14. See #12 (appended). 15. Name, Value and Warning Lamps: Currently, we have the Name and Value beside the Warning Lamp. On TPMS, its the pressure and lamp--both take more space than they need, reducing the size of all elements in order to see the bunch. Instead, lets put the Value IN the Lamp. The TPMS would then just be the Colored Lamp and embedded Value, resizing within it. This will make all gauge info easier and faster to digest. 16. Tires layout TPMS: They're squished. Lay up more vertically to match coach orientation? Selectable: Squished, Med or Normal? 17. Tank Minder: 1. Add a box for entering cost per gallon for Diesel along with gallons filled. 2. Add a summing-box for Cost-per-mile in Odometer gauge AND as a separate gauge. 18. Screen & Gauge Lock: Make the Full-Screen and Gauge-Lock able to be persistent after a reboot. Menu item this to prevent boot-loop lock-outs for the general pop. 19. TPMS Look and Feel: 1. Chooser for Rounded rectangles or traditional circles 2. Tire Pressure embedded inside, not below. 20. TPMS Trending: 1. If three psi samples (drop or increase) show carrot below (dropping) or above (climbing) the tire pressure value. 2. Menu item: (Tires) Reset Trending (to clear carrots ie. after checking tires.) 21. Alarms: Single-button "Alert" audible alarm feature in gauge properties. GUI "Sound Effects" pop-up then selects file or _records_from_local_mic_. Is there a way to show time-length of selected file? 22. Clock: Add ability to select 12hr or 24hr clock. 23. Regen Status: We don't parse it; Can we add this for both J1708 and J1939? [Caller with J1708, Cat C-9 sees this on the ECU readout at CAT.] 24. Engine Corrections: Variables; Add Reset button to Multiplier, Offset and Buffer Size. Allow an easier do-over. 25. Engine Corrections: Odometer PID; Progy only allows 244 and 245 anyway; change this to two radio-buttons with brief dialog below each, such as DDEC-II pre-revision-154 or DDEC-II rev-154, J1708, J1939 and J1939-II. 26. New Simple Gauge: PAC Brake status; "...It would be nice to have a on/off gauge for the exhaust brake...." 27. Requesting PIDs: Add ability to request PIDs for different MIDs. 28. Gauge Option: Color spot 'Warning Lamp' is optional, how about making the surrounding frame optional? Make the Warning Lamp a circle only (yet with the same (rt-click) options. 29. Reset MAX: MAX gauges need a reset. Otherwise they just keep climbing and so produce either negligible help or irritation. 30. Gauge Borders: Request to make borders match the Custom Color of the gauge. Gives a smooth borderless tile look (Win8 +) 31. Auto Save: Current gauge layout auto-saves each change which mostly works fine. But, it wreaks havok if trying a couple things or switching layouts. You must first save the current layout as a different name and try to leave a clean copy. Better to have this selectable as (Layout)... (Auto Save) [No complaints yet...but I find it frustrating. -Art] 32. Pre-canned 'event' icons: Currently we have a color-spot for grn/amb/red--which is helpful. A recent user (Matt! ;-) added some home-brew icons which are static; always visible. Is it possible to have a group of pre-canned icons which appear logically? ie. Low oil pressure means the pre-selected icon will be active. Can the icon be dragable, in that, they may be added as their 'own gauge?'--not necessarily part of the oil pressure box, but can be placed anywhere. This would be handy for having a batch of these maybe all together; along the top or something. 33. Pre-Drive Checklist: It went missing after v1.34. Add to Top Line menu (Thanks Mike!) 34. Diags Gauge is nameless: A user has reported this as hard to find and strongly recommended a Title. This should follow other gauges in this way.
v4.1 (aka v4.0.9b) Software Bug-list (Current) Art Thu, 2017-08-17 09:11
Fixes made or needed in next release: 2. J1708 and Torque & HP These two derived load sensor values always '0' though load sensor is displayed properly. Confirmed this on J1708 SIM. 3. Double-Tap fail Odometer gauge: a double-click (to reset) halts the ODO from accumulating distance IF in SAE miles. Using button works normally (so, use it instead...for now) 4. Chicken Dance Fail "...if you remove the default audio alert and chicken dance audio file you must reinstall the software to get it to start again..." 5. Retarder Status values lost Engine Retarder Status = "off" when exhaust brake off; reads "error" when exhaust brake is working. These values (under 121) ARE ZEROS. [Art is building the table for this and others.] 6. Spiking Gauges Instantaneous MPG occasionally reads "256". Less often so does rolling MPG. J1708 ISL-370 8. Road Speed Jumps --up and down from 2mph at about 30 and 6mph at 65. (2008 Safari CAT C7 350) 9. Cruise status toggles When cruise is off, toggles to On or Set randomly. (2008 Safari CAT C7 350) 10. Retarder Gauge Retarder Switch (Hydraulic) always reads "error". (J1708...J1939?) 11. Datalog took a header When pulling a Datalog, only the first half dozen columns have headers; headers for all columns are missing after "HOURS". 12. Text too small Within Radial gauge, numeral shown is too small. Need to fill the space within the inner radius. -Thanks, Don C. ! ;-) --- Recent fixes in this release: #4. Install Issue Legacy option to "install in a different directory" needs to be removed. The pointers are broken; better to maintain the same folder hierarchy for consistent installs ie Forced to C:\VMSpc\4.0.x (x = that version number). 12. Gear Selected/ Attained On newer (2015 and later, Freightliner chassis) Gear Selected is empty. Not a random value or a "?" but blank. Seen on Tiffin, 2015. 2016 and 2017 Also, with v4.0.9/ v4.1, both values are '?' Fixed this with v4.0.9b/ v4.1.) #6. 2017, Freightliner and Odometers "...hit and miss. Sometimes they work, and then after a reset they are just stuck at zero and count no info at all." (v1.13 jib) Increased Input Buffer Size in order to correct a mismatch between sending and receiving (jib to pc.) #7. 2017 and Trans Gauge On Freightliner J1939-II (500kb) coaches, the gear attained works but not the gear selected. Increased Input Buffer Size, as noted above.) #8. 2017, Freightliner and ABS Error code "ENG SPN 639 5 J1939 Data Link, Low Current" is thrown. Increased Input Buffer Size, as noted above.) eof
5VDC from JIB? vanwill Sun, 2020-07-26 12:42

Imagine using a tablet, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which has only ONE USB port and it is used for both data transfer and charging. Will the TM-501 supply charging power through its USB cable to the tablet, while simultaneously transferring data from the OBD2 to the tablet?