Smartire Tire Pressure Monitoring

TPMS TireTraker and PressurePro (PP) Advantage

Recently there was a post asking about the brand TireTraker (sic) transmitter/sensors and if we were able to incorporate them In a word: no In two words: we can't The little sensors which screw onto the valve stems all work on the LPD433 frequency range. 69 channels. The Receiver; the LCD head unit for the TireTraker and the PressurePro bridge-receiver then listen for the messages from the sensors and display some resultant information to you, the observer. As the TireTraker is just 35-dollars and has replaceable batteries, it'd seem to be a good choice. would the two different systems communicate? The TireTraker isn't a bridge (in that it doesn't talk on or to the coachs' databus.) And, it'd be some pretty simple thinking to believe these competing groups would so handily use not only the same frequency BUT also the same data language. Two words: not happening. Not to be a naysayer, the next step is for a daring-do experimenter to swap with someone for the opposing product: --PressurePro guy/gal borrows a sensor from someone using the tireTraker. --TireTraker gal/guy borrows a PressurePro acorn and tries to program it on their unit. back. My money is riding on Improved social contact toy-sharing-etiquette and zero as a useful solution (of swapping to the cheaper sensor.) Its a neat idea...but these manufacturers have several dogs in that fight. As an aside, there's some complaints about the failures/ issues with the TireTraker sensors. The year-or-so of battery life and maybe 3 or 4 battery (total) swaps-between-failures has caught my eye. Folks also don't like to have to throw-out a gizmo that should be easily repairable. Note to self: the PressurePro sensors are garbage-truck proof. Your mileage may vary. ;-) At any rate, some interesting links on this subject: The LowPowerDevice standard: A RaspberryPi project to decode the 433Mhz devices Background on TPMS theory: "Pressure and Temperature Microsensor Based on Surface Acoustic Wave in TPMS" ... cheers Art Renda Documentation Central, Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259

CL 240 Smartire sensors

Firstly I am in the UK. I have a great CC Allure with Silverleaf CL240 and a Smartire system but using its own display. I like the Smartire system and as I am about to change the tires it seems opportune to change the sensors. I now understand that I can get my senors displaying on the CL240 although they do not appear to be doing so at the moment, and also the CL240 can program the sensor positions into the Smartire control box. How can I confirm this is possible and also get the cable to connect the units?

Smartire Yellow Warning

I have a 2007 Country Coach Intrigue with VMS 240cl and Smartire. I had new tires put on several of the tires, and now randomly I get Yellow warnings. Specifically in my front right. It seems to be a communication thing, but I am not familure with the system enough to tell. Could it be a damaged sensor from when they put the tires on? Could it be a bad battery? Any help would be great. By the way, the system still reads the proper info, it is just a yellow circle that goes away then comes back. Regards, Fred Dirla

Erroneous alert

My previous problem was solved, but now after a year of correct operation, I'm experiencing a new problem. Every time I travel I get an indication that one of my front tires is below the alert threshold. When I actually check the pressure on the silverleaf screen, the pressure is well above the alert threshold. This state will last for varying amounts of time and then the alert will disappear and everything returns to normal. "Normal" will also last for varying periods of time and then the alert reappears, but again the actual pressure is fine. I have checked on the diagnostic screen and the signals are being received from the transmitter and the pressure and temperature shown on the silverleaf screen does change, but that has no bearing on whether the alert presents itself or not. There is no pattern to any of this other than the false alert usually occurs in the driver's side front tire, but every once in a while it will occur in the passenger's side front tire. If it does appear in the passenger's side front tire, it will usually switch to the driver's side at some point during the day. Any ideas?? Brian Davis 2005 CC Intrigue 42' OVTS Coach #11901


I utilize VMSpc. Is the TireSafeGuard™ a stand-alone product or is it integrated into the VMS units? If it's stand-alone, do you plan to offer compatible exterior transmitters in the near future? Theft is not an issue as we are vendors and the unit is with us at all times plus the rig is secure when stored. I prefer exterior transmitters to make battery changes easier and cheaper and to permit swapping four of them from the concession trailer to the toad as needed. Dick Zeiter

SmarTire/Silverleaf Failure

This is a problem I have had since I picked up my coach at the CC factory on 12/1/04. Approximately two to two and one-half hours after getting underway each morning, the Silverleaf loses the signal from one of the SmarTire transmitters. Then within the next five to ten minutes the signal from all transmitters is lost. Since I usually get underway around 9:00 am, this usually occurs around 11:30 am. When we stop for lunch (usually around 12:00 Noon), I turn the engine off and following lunch when I restart the engine I regain the signals from the SmarTire transmitters and they then work for the remainder of the day. The remainder of the day is usually three to three and one-half hours. This problem has been looked at twice by Les Schwab in Junction City, but no solution has been found. Many of the SmarTire transmitters have been replaced, the SmarTire "brain" has been replaced, the rear antenna has been moved farther to the rear of the coach, and the Silverleaf brain (the PM-002) has been replaced. I still have the problem each and every day. Of course, it is almost impossible to get anyone to REALLY look at because when I arrive at Les Schwab's the system appears to be working correctly, and NO technician wants to get in the coach and drive it for two to three hours to make the problem appear. Does anyone have any ideas? Brian Davis 2005 CC Intrigue LE 42' Ovation Triple Slide Coach #11901