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TM 550 won't connect to WiFi

Is there a manual available for TM 550 wifi module? Seems to have lost communications and the crestron no longer works. Any thoughts?

The HMS360/365 displys when you test WiFi connection scrolls thru resetting modem, inializing modem, checking handshake etc. Never connects all "0"s with bits sent & recieved.

Should the HMS360/365 connect independent of anything? If there isn't a connection between HMS360/365 and the TM550 the Crestron can't connect correct?


Installing Magnum RVC Bridge

Last year I purchased two Magnum RVC Bridges from Silverleaf and they made up a couple of wire-adapters so it is just a plug and play. I have a 42 ft 2005 Magna with two Magnum Hybrid inverters. It looks like only one bridge is needed since each will handle two inverters. The reason I am writing is that I am not sure where to install this bridge. Does it simply replace the TS102 box that came with the coach? Is there only one TS102 on my (early 2005) all electric coach? The only TS102 i have found is located under a cover on the rear wall of the narrow (on the 42’ model) pass through compartment, near the power hose reel. If the new bridge should go elsewhere, please let me know. Thank you for any help you can provide. Tom


I have the Silverleaf system to monitor my house information for my coach. It is sitting on an old Aladdin system. The tank monitors display on a dash screen, which seems to work quite well, although I have to access the control box periodically and unplug and replug it in to get it to work. I also have downloaded the app so that I can monitor it on my phone and Ipad. The issue I am having is that every time I launch it I need to change the IP address from (which is consistent) to (which is the IP address that accesses my system. I can not get it to lock on to the correct IP Address. This is very frustrating. Can anyone offer a solution to this problem?0

440 CL and inverter

Xantrex RS3000 inverter and 440 CL. It appears that my RS3000 is starting to have problems. Goes into fault mode when changing incoming shore power. Generator doesn't seem to have any problems. Takes many, many tries to clear the fault, what ever it is as the 440CL doesn't show what the fault is or at least I haven't found the way to show it. If I end up replacing the inverter what is a good, easy one to swap in?

MyRozie Alert Settings

Spinning up with MyRozie on a Newmar New Aire. Appears to be two major omissions on the Alert Settings page. First, there is no way to alert for a low Chassis Battery. There is an alert setting for the House Battery. Second, there is no alert when MyRozie local suffers a loss of communications with the MyRozie web site. Unless you specifically go to the web site there is no way to know coach monitoring has stopped. Bob Anderson Newmar New Aire