Engine and Chassis Information will be discussed here.

Allison Transmissions

"Transmission Oil Temperature" is supported on J1708/J1587 Allison 3000/4000 Series Transmissions built before 1998. "Transmission Oil Temperature and Gear Selected/Gear Obtained" are supported on J1708/J1587 Allison 3000/4000 Series Transmissions built from 1998 to 2005. In 2005, Allison changed the electronics in the 3000/4000 Series Transmissions to ONLY support J1939, which VMSpc does not support. It is my understanding that in 2008, Allison has added back in the J1708/J1587 support to their 3000/4000 Series Transmissions. Allison 2000 Series Transmissions are non electronic, and do not support J1708/J1587 or J1939.

J1708/J1587 and J1939 Diagnostic Plugs

The "standard" Diagnostic Plugs are a Round Deutsch plug with 6 or 9 Pin Postions and for historic reasosn the Rectangular 12 Pin ALDL plug that is used by the Allison Transmission. There are Diagnostic Connectors in the Engine Compartment and "upfront" near the Steering Column. The Round Deutsch plugs were chosen at the time the Electronic Engine Standard was developed, so you will always have one of these 3 Plugs when you have an Electronic Diesel Engine. Not all of the Positions will have Terminals (the Metal Contacts). Typically, the 6 Pin Plugs have 4 Terminals, the 9 Pin Plugs have 4 Terminals and with later coaches they have 7 Terminals. The Rectangular 12 Pin ALDL will have 4 to 8 Terminals. Different Chassis manufactures installed (Implemented) the Deutsch Plug at different times near the Steering Column. For example Safari implemented the Deutsch 6 Pin in 1996 (it was the Wrong 6 Pin, but they tried), On The Other Hand, Country Coach did not implement the Deutsch 6 Pin until 2000, relying on the ALDL plug for the Transmission and Engine Technicians to plug diagnostic equipment into. We have available for the VMSpc and VMS, both types of Deutsch Plugs, AND NOW the ALDL Plugs as well. We can also provide a "wiring diagram" to connect a Pig-Tail harness to your coach for the VMSpc and VMS.

SilverLeaf Electronics J1708/J1587, J1939, RV-C Wiring Diagrams

========================== OLD INFORMATION ========================== We have available for the VMSpc and VMS, both types of Deutsch Plugs, but the ALDL Plugs are "very obsolete", and the best we can do is provide a "wiring diagram" to connect a Pig-Tail harness to your coach for the VMSpc and VMS. ========================== OLD INFORMATION ==========================

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Horsepower and torque readings drop out.

Have a Cat 3126 330 HP w/ Allison 3000 using 6b version As I pull a hill and watch the horsepower and torque readings at 328 HP the readings drop to zero. As soon as the load is reduced and the engine output drops they come back. Just downloaded the additional engine files to see if you have an extended engine file for this application.

Certain Guage Data stopped displaying

I have been running vmspc 4.05 for a few months now and recently my transmission gear info gauge stopped displaying what gear i am in. Its just ?? for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday the Oil Pressure stopped updating. I have made sure my malwarebytes & defender scanner has your vmspc folder excluded. All the other gauges appear to be working. Although the mph and water temp changes lag quite a bit more than they did a month ago. Is there something I can do to fix this? -Bill

VMSpc Air Pressure readings

I am using VMSpc on a 2003 Foretravel Cummins 400 ISL. I created 2 parameters with the PIDs from a list (117 and 118). These 2 parameters are for front and rear air tank pressures. I get these 2 pieces of data on the DIC but the Silverleaf does not pick up the data. The PID sniffer does not pick up on the PIDs as well but again I can add to the parameter editor as primary and secondary air. Is this info possible on Silverleaf since the DIC reads it? Thanks, jack

Regeneration in Maxxforce engines

Is there any way to monitor the condition of the DPF on the Maxxforce engines??? I believe that the engine computer read this info and displays lights on dash which details the condition of the DPF. Sometimes the engine does a active (mobile) regeneration and sometimes call for a parked regeneration. I would like to monitor this when I am driving. Thanks in anticipation of your response. Gerald