VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

what to use for Tires?

I am interested in knowing what current product I can buy to give me good TPMS.. I boiught a set up online that came with its own screen and screw-on sensors. and it was terrible.. one sensor was bad right off the bat, the display screen had a missing segment and its backlight wont stay on while driving... im going to be replacing all 4 of my drives here pretty soon so if a product exists and uses internal sensors. it will be a good time to get them installed.. (they will just have to dismount 2 extra tires outside of the replacement).. ideally somethiung that would display on my VMSpc screen but otherwise just something with a nice screen that I can keep lit up all the time.. I do a lot of night driving.. sometimes I sleep during the day and roll wheels all night.. whats out there and what do you guys use? -Christopher

PressurePro PULSE FX, Anyone?

Just learning about the VMSpc system. Really an impressive package. Not long ago, bought a 2001 Country Coach, and I'm trying to fit it out. One of the first things I learned was that the tires, which all had 3/4 inches of tread to go, were about 9 years old! So, we started thinking about a TPMS. (Actually, we also put new tires all the way around, but still, I want to be able to monitor them.) That somehow led me to learning a little about the Silverleaf VMSpc. Understanding the PressurePro system was the only TPMS that integrates with it, I sprange for their PULSE FX - after all, I have an Android phone . . . [ https://tirepressuremonitor.com/pressurepro-fx/ ] But when I tried to install the PULSE software, the phone says, Sorry, cannot operate on this old a phone. Does anyone know, does the PressurePro PULSE FX bluetooth integrate directly with the VMSpc software? Since my phone is no good, can the Windows tablet I was intending to use as a VMSpc display pick up and display the TPMS info?

Dual monitors on Windows 10 with CoPilot and SilverLeaf.

Hi Art; I saw someone has done this earlier but thought you may want to use this photo anyway. The plan is to use a Samsung Galaxy View 18" screen for my backup camera, security (4) cameras and your engine monitor. What I show now is just a test for a second monitor as I don't plan to use the TV. I have used the program "OBD Fusion" for IPhone for many years on my van, truck and car. Their graphics for dash gauges are worth looking at as a future goal. Just a thought! I use your software for 7K miles a year and used it to easily prove the benefit of having installed my homemade air scoop on my motorhome (plus 0.6 MPG). I can't say enough good things about your software. The photo shows my screen layout and the details I use. I am now in the process of buying and installing a PDQPerformance module on my 2005 C7 Cat engine and will continue to use your software to justify any performance and economy gains. Wishing I could connect pyro terminals to your control box. Another future goal? Keep up the excellent work. Murray Sweet.

Uograded to 4.0.8 . now gauge updates hang

so it had been 2 years since i got my VMSpc.. and ive cruised this little shirt bus all over the place.. well the bus was getting some upgrades, so i thought it right to check for updates on the VMSpc... I updated to 4.0.8, and find that the screen frequently hangs... my gauges work for a few seconds then hang for 20 or 30 seconds then work again, repeat.. going back to 4.0.5. and all works perfectly again. im using my same layout file for both. so it brings up some questions.. 1. when I first got the VMS I noted that some parameters dont show up.. namely PID 164 which is my ICP (HPOP on the T-444E).. however every other scan tool i use shows it up.. I had noticed in the later notes for the software here that noted are fixing parameters not showing up.. any chance 164 is getting in there?? it appears PID 164 is sent as a second parameter in a multi-set.. what it seems is that the VMS only reads single parameter sets.. I even wrote a program of my own which I was able to read 164 out of the stream.. yeah its important.. for us HEUI engine users.. 2. are there firmware updates in the last 2 years for my VMSpc "box" and if so, how do I get them? 3. I also noticed on 4.0.8 that a clock ends up super-imposed over the area where mt DTC codes are supposed to show (if i have any).. I have my clock at the top of the screen, how do I get rid of that one? it doesnt do that on 4.0.5 4. is there a way ti set up the VMS to do a custom Poll for PID;s that may not be sent in the normal continuous stream? noted in the J1708 spec are PID;s that are by request and I want to snag those .. when I use the program I wrote i can tell it to grab the data for any PID i wish. (im using a different device. {a raw J1708/J1939 commdevice} so of course id rather ise the VMS because I have the nice GUI screens!. -Christopher

Diagnostic codes

I took my first trip with the new VMSpc installed an I am more than happy with it...but I'm a big ol' geek anyway. I'm having some gps issues but that's for a different forum. I was getting some weird diagnostic codes and a can NOT seem to figure these out.....see below. Any help would be appreciated. I have downloaded a few different CAT code lists but can't see to sort this out. 1998 CAT 3126 300HP Diagnostic History File Feel free to add notes to this file, but do not move or delete. SRC TPE ID MD COMPONENT MODE MM/DD/YY HH:MM ============================================================================= ENG SID 120 77 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Low Reading 10/21/18 10:42 ENG PID 184 32 Instantaneous Fuel Economy High Reading 10/21/18 11:38 ENG SID 184 45 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Low Reading 10/21/18 12:47 ENG SID 184 88 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Bad Program 10/23/18 12:13 ENG SID 184 30 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Special Error 10/23/18 17:14

JR500 J1708. interface

I am attempting to install and use my old JR500 J1708 JIB on a new tablet. It is a Asus 10.1 (T100HA). I am using my HA005 harness 12pin that came with my unit. The new Asus does not have a full size usb type A port only a usb type C so I bought an adapter. When I try to locate the JIB connection it is not highlighted in "Blue" as it says in the instructions. I installed the newest version of the VMSpc software instead of the older one I had been using could this be a problem?