VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Screen resizing when changing computers

I found myself having created a very elaborate and beautiful screen (if I may say), but then tried switching to a new device with a different screen size. Oh yea, this is hard coded for the dimensions and will not adjust....rather than using percentages, they choose pixels. Uggghhh!!! So, I created a script on Google Sheets that will easily translate the screen.scr.xml file you have and adjust only the screen values to what they need to be to fit your new device. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fj21VBsW3ZTABSJXXF8aqyA4hfEXCv-a9ZaqoesMc3U/edit?usp=sharing Create your own copy of the file linked above and follow the direction on the sheet. Worked well for me and saved me a lot of extra work.

VMSpc flickers on many gauges while driving

I’ve been using VMSpc version 2.5 build 10 for a number of years with no problems. Last month a number of the gauges started to “flicker” while driving. I’m using a Nextbook tablet running Windows 10 with the latest updates. When we park for any long length of time other than over night or a few days, I disconnect the cable from the maintenance port on our 2006 Fleetwood Discovery (Cat C7 - 330 hp) so the VMSpc box won’t be powered while we’re parked. Does anyone have this problem? Is there a fix for it? Please advise. Thanks,

V4.0.7 - Gear Selected Still Not Working

Hi Art. Tried v4.0.7, and still not seeing the gear selected in the transmission gauge. I even tried installing a second transmission gauge, and it's working exactly like the first. When I run VMSpc without the box connected, I am seeing both question marks. However, when the box is connected, the gear selection question mark will appear for 3-5 seconds, then disappear. I've tried it with both the ignition on and off (my J1939 is always hot), and get the same results both ways. I've also tried with both the ISL 450 and ISL9 450 engine files, and still get the same result on my Jan 2015 dated ISL. Dewey 2015 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP

Logging data

I am looking at getting the VMSpc. Can someone explain how the logging works. What I would like for it to do is automatically start logging when it is running. How does it name the log files? Does it have a new name for each time it starts logging, does it over write the last file or keep adding to the file. Also I am buying a MotorHome with a Cummings ILS9 450HP. Is the 9 pin JIB with USB still the best way to go?

Adding Sensors

Has anyone tried adding I/O to the J1939 bus? I'd like to add several sensors (pyrometer, fuel pressure, etc) for display within VMSpc. I've found both integrated sensor/broadcasters and I/O controllers. Most appear to be targeting the OEM market. The Murphy XM500 module would cover my needs and at a reasonable cost: http://shopping.murcal.com/Catalog/J1939-CANbus-Input-Output-Modules/XM500-J1939-I-O-Module One thing that makes me nervous is they all seem to list OFF highway vehicles in their list of applications. Too hazardous to add controllers to the bus of an on highway vehicle? Any wisdom out there? Cheers, Jeff

Horsepower and torque readings drop out.

Have a Cat 3126 330 HP w/ Allison 3000 using 6b version As I pull a hill and watch the horsepower and torque readings at 328 HP the readings drop to zero. As soon as the load is reduced and the engine output drops they come back. Just downloaded the additional engine files to see if you have an extended engine file for this application.