VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

JR500 J1708. interface

I am attempting to install and use my old JR500 J1708 JIB on a new tablet. It is a Asus 10.1 (T100HA). I am using my HA005 harness 12pin that came with my unit. The new Asus does not have a full size usb type A port only a usb type C so I bought an adapter. When I try to locate the JIB connection it is not highlighted in "Blue" as it says in the instructions. I installed the newest version of the VMSpc software instead of the older one I had been using could this be a problem?

VMSpc for 2008 Allegro Bus

New user. My coach runs on a freightliner chassis with 425hp ISL Cummins. On my last trip my check light came on and ended up at a freightliner service. It would be nice to know what was wrong while out in the middle of nowhere. I have the following questions; 1 Will this product identify the codes for me? 2 Does anybody know if this works on my coach or has problems getting it to work? 3 What connector do I need? I can go fine out but it would be nice if someone knows off the top of there head. Thanks for any help Joe

Difference between DDEC and 6 pin

I have the VMSpc with the 6 pin usb connector that I used with my Cummins 400 motor. I have now have a Detroit Diesel 515hp and noticed that there is a DDEC version module. Can I use the 6 pin I have or do I need a new wire or module?? I do have my 6 pin version installed and it seems like everything works - except the speed jumps all over the place


Hi All, I'd like to hear from anyone who has successfully merged VMSpc and PressurePro tire sensors. Currently, I'm running VMSpc, using J1708 into a serial-JIB. Works Great, no problems. Separately, I'm running the RV-Towed version of PressurePro (i.e. Model: APM1, Series: RVBPM16-RS232, Serial: 24059). I'm running 6 sensors for the coach, 4 sensors for the Towed, and have 2 sensors for each of the spare tires). It works fine, however, it is a real pain to scroll through - to see each individual tire pressure. So I can't do that while driving! WHICH IS WHY - MY END GOAL IS TO INTEGRATE IT INTO "VMSpc". So what I need, is something that can listen to the PressurePro sensors (or connect to my receiver) and then input the tire data into the JIB. According to Art, "Advantage PressurePro" USED to make a separate J1708 bridge-unit? But I don't know the model number.. or exactly how it worked? (Maybe it just replaces my current PressurePro receiver - or who knows??) This is why I'd like to hear from someone who actually did it. Then maybe - I can start a hunt, for the used hardware. Thanks All, Mike


My motorhome has a 12 pin Allison Diagnostic plug under the dash, I cannot find any other plug there. Using google I found a product called VMSPC12 at RVUPGRADES, would that one connect directly into the 12 pin plug in my RV? Is RVUPGRADES an authorized dealer of Silverleaf products and carries same warranty and support as provided those who purchase directly from Silverleaf? Does Silverleaf have a 12 pin version on their web site and I just missed it? Thanks Ray

Histogram does not show any trends.

I have a VMSpc running on my coach. Everything works well except for the Histogram I have 6 items on my Histogram and I know that all get valid data because they all work on other gauges and I am using a bar graph as a legend which shows the readings. However, on the Histogram, the trends/lines just stay on the bottom and do not respond to show the values of the actual parameters selected. I am using an HP laptop with detachable screen so that it acts like a tablet. It is running Windows 10. I have not had any other issues with the laptop and there is sufficient memory available. Can anyone help me solve this problem???