Version 4.0.8 has had a longer run than anticipated. Once we found the code really needed a complete rewrite, we began the farewells to the fun and bugs of this release. So long 4.0.8, Hello v5.0 !

That's going on a year now--we like a celebration as much as the rest but, even this waiting-party is going on a bit. Version 5 is well underway. It has some ways to go. Some snipits have been released to the beta testers--their feedback is that we need to keep going; so far, so good.

If you have a newer coach (that is, one _not_ using J1708/J1587) then it can be a pretty good choice. It still has minor issues; the transmission gauge may not show Gear Selected, only Gear Attained for example. It's clearly not capable at all for older coaches using the J1708 data bus. Still, it's here for now and works pretty good for coaches 2007ish and newer. Anything older: use Version 3.0.