I have been running vmspc 4.05 for a few months now and recently my transmission gear info gauge stopped displaying what gear i am in. Its just ?? for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday the Oil Pressure stopped updating. I have made sure my malwarebytes & defender scanner has your vmspc folder excluded. All the other gauges appear to be working. Although the mph and water temp changes lag quite a bit more than they did a month ago. Is there something I can do to fix this? -Bill

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2017-08-31 09:11


Its not not clear what is causing this. So, how to fix it... is even less clear. Generally, when something drops out, its because those data are no longer seen. Yet the...cascading failures you're seeing go well beyond that. hmmmm... Still, as no individual file problem will cause this, I'd suggest the simplest things first. Make sure the plug is firmly seated in the Diags socket (under the dash.) I've seen them wiggle loose. The laggiest/ slowest data drop out first. This often oil pressure and shift info. This follows your signs so far, so this is where I'd start. If that proves fruitless, though perhaps a little radical, try a different Program or PC. I'm going to sidestep the fact that most folks don't have extra PCs just laying about. But I will point out that those data are transported by USB and usually pretty reliable. However, if the chain if info streaming in is being interrupted by some windows or hardware process/issue, it could account for more of a global MIA of data. So, I'd be looking at a 3-step process: 1. Different (VMSpc) program. 2. Different PC 3. Possible JIB repair. The new v4.0.6 program has many bug fixes--though I'm not able to pinpoint one fix that addresses this issue you're seeing. It could be, if you're in an older coach (on J1708/J1587 data) the RS485 chipset is failing within the jib. Its theory at this point...and a stretch...but, it could cause this, too. So, try the new software and, if you would, post here the Make, Model and year of your coach and type plug for diags. (6/9/ALDL) cheers Art //

Submitted by tstillman on Mon, 2017-09-25 10:51


I've had my VMSpc 4.0.6b for a couple of months now. There have been several data displays that have never functioned and a couple that seem to freeze for a variety of time on my Lenovo Think pad running Windows 10. Things that don't work: 1. Trans Temp no info. (recently verified working by service dept.) 2. Trans gear selection no info. (Never displayed even after changes to gauge setting. Does display on Keypad.) 3. Odometer reading will freeze during a trip for as short as 10 min. or as long as 2 hrs. No changes in connection that I can determine. 4.Trip mileage no info. (Never worked) (Note odometer on dash reads Error 1.) 5. No HP or Torq reading., (2006 Cummings 330) 6. Running MPG reading jumps from 4.? to 256 (this may not be an error. I wish.) I haven't reported these conditions because I suspected the errors were induced by my failing Aladdin Jr. System, or bad sensors on my coach. I have had that last option ruled out with a through service Dept. Also I'm having you installing a VMS350 into my coach this week and hope to resolve these issued then too.