Received the new 9 pin twist lock plug and had a problem installing it - got check engine warning and trans comm fail - no J1939 Data. Called and talked to Mark and he requested I send the unit back to SilverLeaf for an update. My question is - when I get it back, what version of VMSpc will best work with the new setup? Currently using 2.5 but that was with my old coach with a CAT 350 made in 2007. This new 2017 Newmar Dutch Star has given me some surprises with SilverLeaf. One other thing, I use Pressure Pro Bridge in the setup. Thanks in advance, Tom

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2016-11-21 08:29


Hello Tom I trust Mark has walked you through what to send back, and I'm assuming its just the jib? --We do have new software to reflect the 500k data rate. As far as a program version, use the one you're accustomed to, as a start. I would also encourage you to download v4.0.5 from the website and give it a try. While it won't over-write any settings or trips, it will want to create another desktop icon. You should rename your existing one, first, to reflect v2.5x. Then, append the name on the new icon too with 'v4.0.5' The new 4.x SW is pretty neat yet, its far from finished. In January it will be updated but I think you'll find its probably fine for your year and model. The forum has volumes of info about this and what gains one would expect. Now. PressurePro. Hmmm... Do you have the wired bridge (white or black box) or a wireless? If its the white box, we can build you a "Y" cable and work out an exchange. Give a call when you're ready to address that. Any other box and we'll need to talk... Did you previously use a 'Y' cable? cheers Art //