Hello I'm having a big problem with my laptop not talking to the vmspc. The jib is not communicating. I have two laptops and both don't work. Both run windows 10. I have had this system for 4 years too. Working when I took it out of the coach last winter. I replaced the cable from the jib but that didn't work. I am not the greatest at computers but do know enough to be dangerous. Thanks for any help in advance. John

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2016-03-06 12:16


Perhaps it was a software update from Win8 to Win10. Assuming you have a USB jib, try reinstalling the device driver. It may have been 'broken' during the update. If this doesnt help, give the office a call tommorow when we open back up for the week. cheers Art //

I have a windows 7 converted to windows 10 I converted it last year and the jib still worked at that time. That was last fall. Yes it is usb jib. I just uninstalled the 2.5 and reinstalled it. the driver would not install. it is a 64 system. I have thought about reinstalling windows 7 as this laptop is just for the coach. thanks john

Submitted by vmax00 on Mon, 2016-03-07 09:03


Good morning I have gotten both of my computers to work now. Had to reinstall the drivers I downloaded from this site. Maybe I can download the new program when it is out1. Thanks John

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2016-03-07 11:26


Glad to hear things are back up again. Hello John. Sounds like this was quite an exercise in patience and logic. Bravo--nicely done. cheers Art //

Submitted by n7joq on Mon, 2016-03-21 13:47


I have an older serial style jib. I an going from a very old small screen PC to a much newer PC with a 14 inch screen. I bought a cable converter for 9 pin to USB. No luck getting the the jib to communicate with the PC. But the cable is being recognized. I am using Windows 10. I too am computer illiterate and somewhat dangerous in my diagnosis efforts. I have had my VMSpc for a couple of years now and absolutely LOVE IT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello n7joq Give a call as the process from here may be more more difficult to read-and-cipher than just walking through it together, verbally. cheers Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259