An incremental build has been released. It addresses principally the bugs found in v4.0 and not any significant changes otherwise. This is what you may notice is different: We left 1992 a little further behind Top Line Menu item: "File" has been replaced with "Layout." This is part of the plan to do things intelligently and less like a DOS prompt. Rather than "File" then "Open" then...hope the right kind of SCR or SCR.XML file gets opened, it seems more reasonable to have the program filter and find the layouts for you. First step: "Layout." Release 4.1 will have the completed "Layout"..."Import" function; automatically scanning the VMSpc4.0 folder (and subfolders) for layouts then presenting your options. One dragon at a time however.... Menu Item Change (Advanced) (Text Color) Removed This was the original (and now redundant) option. Better selections are now made via the Color Palette Options (Day/Night...) Serial Port functionality Several folks found their Serial Port Jibs suddenly *not* passing data after migrating from the v4.Beta to v4.0 final. Josh fixed this. We need more feedback on actual packets caught and missed. There are many serial-to-USB cables out there. Confidence is low that all are going to be listened to the same. License Agreement The proper Agreement now displays during VMSpc install (rather than the FTDI-driver version.) ooops. Fixed this. XP only version The installation would complete but the Application wouldn't run as it was compiled as a 64-bit(only) program. Fixed this. Additional Engines The selection for Engines was confusing, starting in the root directory. Changed the pointer to: C:\VMSpc4.0\VMSpc\Additional Engines Known Bugs and path forward ## Rolling and INST MPG ## Reading the same.... v4.1 ## Cruise ## NO PID (sometimes) Missing cruise status. ... v4.05 ## MMC.EXE error when pressing "Check Device Manager" ... v4.1 ...and?... Features to add Too many to list...many pages...all very cool! cheers Art //

Submitted by donupdyke on Sat, 2015-08-15 07:38


I got a file exists do you want to overwrite on winzip . Your guys are GREAT all looks good found serial jib has good packets and shows tranny temps etc. How do you know which isl 400 you have. Mine is a 2002 in a 2003 Monaco dynasty. eng serial no is 46214580 may 2002 caps series Thanks a lot great work....

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2015-08-16 09:44


Hello Don The best solution for picking the precise ISL400 engine file (regarding year and such) would be that there were more published data from which to create more precise files. To date, its only been clear that ONE exists. One could say that a 9.6L 400hp engine has mostly the same torque accross the band. And...for the most part, that is applicable here. The question should be asked: has anyone, with near identical...or pretty similar....coaches noticed a power difference across the 400 over the various years? Lets answer that first. Then, all you folks out there that saved those color-glossies from over the years--well...take a piccy with your phone or other camera and send them to me: Art at simply-smarter .com I'll make as many variations on any new permutation identified. Again, thanks Don for driving this! cheers Art //

Submitted by donupdyke on Sun, 2015-08-16 13:19


Ok isl 400 no other did not show values for air inlet, trans output it has 16383.8 solid with eng running. I reran pid sniffer it still has no oil pressure as a value cummins issue. So I am trying low rpm version for a while