I am using VMSpc on a 2003 Foretravel Cummins 400 ISL. I created 2 parameters with the PIDs from a list (117 and 118). These 2 parameters are for front and rear air tank pressures. I get these 2 pieces of data on the DIC but the Silverleaf does not pick up the data. The PID sniffer does not pick up on the PIDs as well but again I can add to the parameter editor as primary and secondary air. Is this info possible on Silverleaf since the DIC reads it? Thanks, jack

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2015-04-16 08:22


Hello Jack This is really about the two data streams your DIC has available to it. To get the other readers up to speed, the 'Data Star' Driver information Center (available on ForeTravel and others) gives the driver a neat little display of current conditions. It has many user selectable items on a text-based LCD display. It is supplied with ENGINE DATA from the engine databus (J1708/J1585) and VEHICLE DATA via modules linked in using Pacific Insight Electronics Corp. Pressure and resistive input transducer modules. These, typically are Trans, Axle and Outside temps as well as air pressure at whatever vessels are mounted. These sensors also are connected to the DIC but do not use the engine data bus--as its not true engine data. The Transducers plug into the DataStar directly (via the 6-pin plug). So, while the DataStar DIC can display this integrated information, it doesn't rebroadcast it onto the J1708 bus. This is why you don't see it from within the PID sniffer. Credits go to Barry--on his website BeamAlarm.com (where posted the manual) and thetruckersreport.com (skimming from a couple forum postings.)

If I understand the post from Jack in Apr 2015 - the VMSpc - using the J1939 on a 2013 Cummins 6.7, will NOT be able to record and show the Primary and Secondary Air PSI's. Is that correct? It does not show up as a 'creatable' gauge in the drop-down menu.