I recently ran across a 10" screen Nextbook Windows 8.1 computer at Walmart for $179. This tablet comes with a removable keyboard so that it can be used as a touch screen tablet or notebook. I've installed VMSpc V2.5 on the Nextbook and now have a dedicated VMSpc computer with sufficient screen real estate to display all the gauges I want at a size I can easily see. I did have to install the drivers manually to get the computer to recognize the USB JIB. I've purchased a blue tooth mouse to make changes to the program easier and purchased a USB A female to USB B male adapter so I can use a standard cell phone cord to plug into the micro usb port on the Nextbook.

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Wow! This is an ideal setup. I particularly like the converter and standard (phone) cable setup. No lumpy chunk at the tablet! Bravo. You're using v2.5. Thats curious. Why not the new-new 3.1 build 2? Which brand of tablet is this--I'll recommend it!! Art //

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It is a nextbook, quad-core tablet. That's the best I can do on identification. I believe this version is sold exclusively by Walmart. I tried finding this on Walmart's webpage and it says not available. Here's the link to the tablet I purchased: http://www.walmart.com/ip/39092206?www=true&productRedirect=true From previous posts, I'm having trouble with V3.1 with my fuel readings. I don't have those problems with V2.5. Right now V2.5 is doing all that I need.

I've been using VMSpc with a JR500 serial to USB for about 8 years. Except for having to share screen space with my GPS, I Love it! Then I see your post about the Nextbook tablet for $179 from Walmart. I ordered it about two weeks ago and received it last Wednesday (3/18/15). Today (Sunday 3/22/15) I started to load VMSpc, but first reviewed other posts and saw "Processors (CPU) and Tablets: It's all about the Chips". At the bottom within "The Bottom Line" it says "Tablets with a Z3735F or G processor won't work with VMSpc at all". So I look at the specification sheet of my Nextbook and there it is...."CPU Z3735G". I'm hoping that this isn't true because this Nextbook does look sweet.

Joe, All I can say is my nextbook with the Z3735F processor appears to work fine. I've only driven about 20 miles since setting the nextbook up but it does work. I am using the USB JIB, not the serial JIB.

Hello Joe We're covering new ground everyday as we weed out partially-enabled** processor types. While a bit confounding, most of the "G" types don't work. ...except... The ONE that does, which is the Nextbook 10.1" is the only exception. I have the data in front of me on the CPU specs--as documented, it shouldn't work. Yet it does. As PF found, it works fine and so that's our story too. I need to modify the web-page regarding this and so this is todays reminder to do so (!) ;-) It is a good choice for price-point and functionality. It can be purchased with some confidence in warranty as well--as Walmarts are everywhere and, it being a store-brand, will be supported at all stores. Thank you for the posting and be sure to keep us up to speed as you use it--feedback is always helpful! cheers

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Joe could you get it to hook up and if so how,Im sure not having any luck with the Z3735G. Walt

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My VMSpc was purchased in 2001 it is the old serial and using a serial to USB there was always issus and this little cheap adapter solved them on my win 7 mini laptop until I lost the hard drive, I decided to try the cheap Nextbook that was suggested, when I hooked up my new Nextbook I forgot that the USB only powers the serial to Bluetooth adapter and when I finaly remembered this and hooked the tablet to the Bluetooth it found the drivers and works flawless. This is the the RS232 Bluetooth Serial Adapter Communication Master-Slave Module 5v mini usb that I got on EBay (they cost from $10 to $13 dollars ) The main problem I had was caused by me and CRS. Thanks Art for the help offered. Walt

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Hello pfh That combination seems to be a sweet spot for price point, value and functionality. Your point of using the phone cord--if memory serves and it was heard from you first--is now an everyday recommendation! ;-) It makes a lot more sense than and big lumpy adapter at the tablet. I've taken the liberty of tagging the FAQ with your tablet suggestion here: http://silverleafelectronics.com/node/4133 On the Fuel issue...which is an odd one, we still don't have a specific solution. You've narrowed it down and thats where it sets. We have a new PC program in the works which should be including the Christmas list of wanted-things...and fixes. My hope is that before summer it will be ready to try 'in the wild.' It will be posted as a beta when it is first available. Thank you pfh for leading the charge :-)