In setting up my VMSpc screen when I added a new gauge like New Clock the text is very large. When I right click on the gauge I only get and option to change color. What am I missing here. I can resize gauge, but text remains same size.

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2014-12-18 18:43


Hmmm That's very curious! Hello Pat... I tried this using the latest program (recently downloaded from our site.) I found the clock numerals resizing with the gauge-size changes. Seems 'normal' enough. Are you using an older v2.x version? If you are, get the latest from here: VMSpc Program Only Maybe a little more background...otherwise I'm guessing. First time this issue has come up. Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics

I downloaded the app yesterday and ABOUT indicates I have 3.0 Build 1. Now running app on Nextbook 8 W8.1 and getting same result. To be a bit clearer when I add gauge it comes in as a square and can only see a small portion of time text. When I pick guage and pull out from lower right corner gauge gets larger, text remains same size but now I can see more text. If I right click on guage I get the change color dialog box.

Submitted by cpat39 on Fri, 2014-12-19 16:52


Art On IRV2 Forum I found a picture of VMSpc on a Dell 8" Tablet and I think the way I am seeing the clock on my Nextbook is the way you guys programmed it. See how large the clock gauge is at If this is what you all intended then I think the clock overwhelmes the other gauges. I will keep looking and let you know results Have a good weekend.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2014-12-22 12:38


Hello Pat Followed the irv2 link--which does show a largish clock. Yet, theres no set minimum text size (normally.) It should scale up as the little window does. As promised, I round tabled with a couple of the resident braniacs; posited the situation and got this: "...are the accessibility setting set for large or simplified text?..." This as a way of finding out if the standard view settings are being hijacked by the special, amplified settings. This is step-one in tracking down this really odd issue. Let me know. Art //

Art I have reviewed all the settings and do not see any settings that should impact the action I am seeing with the clock. Also other guages are working as you have described with text size changing as guage is resized. Happy New Year Pat