Hey folks...Art here... Its well into that time of year for cleaning out the paddock to make room for the Tiffen...Newmar or Country Coach for the winter ahead--as many of you are relating over the phone. You're cleaning tanks and pulling the blinds. The organized types (which is about ALL of you!) are relating seasonal lists. Bob "bobrw9" gave a super explanation of how he's using the Maintenance scheduler within VMSpc to manage just that. Here's the twist: He's doing that on his tower computer at the house. He saw the practical VMSpc application as something that can be installed anywhere; doesn't need the jib connected for this at all. What he didn't mention was calender file: maintenance.vms it creates. When you make a schedule for LOFs, tires, tanks, prop-wash and awning lube--whatever; it creates and saves a maintenance.vms in the c:\vmspc directory. Good to know if you already have one started in the coach on the laptop or tablet. Once that's created, its portable. Copy maintenance.vms (to a flash drive or send it to yourself via an email...however) and save it in the same vmspc folder--in the tower or PC at the house. Non-rolling type, that is. It will be the schedule then, next time you launch VMSpc from there. Then, when you open that land-locked version, away from the coach, you can have the schedule closer to the shop and coffeepot. Here's where you can download a fresh copy of the VMSpc software distribution disc. Here's a big hello and thanks(!) to Bob for his keen observation. Cheers Art Silverleaf Electronics Documentation Central