Here's a real bargain! A fella calling into the VMSpc helpline gave us this tip: An Insignia™ NS-15MS08 tablet -- 8" (Small but doable) for $99 Its a trimmed-down unit--in that it has limited memory and the caller (who was busily using his own) said it can be a bit laggy with some apps. This is a great example of a limited or single-use device; perfect for USB-VMSpc on-a-budget. That being said, an 8" screen is small. It will be a bit slower to set up (as resizing and placing gauges will require more patience.) Once set up, it will work well and look pretty nice, port-side, under the side-mirror. I looked through the reviews and it seems the only nay-sayer got his feelings hurt after he loaded the Microsoft Office 365 Suite and it couldn't run anything additionally. Why put that on such a small tablet? Dunno. The rest love it. As a bonus, the caller also mentioned its HDMI port--for running video up to his overhead monitor. Zounds! Its HERE: at on the site. This same caller mentioned purchasing a $6 'splitter' for USB power. Combine that with a USB A-to-B adapter and you've got a complete setup. So...there ya go. Remember: your mileage may vary... Cheers Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (And will that caller please take a bow?)