Hi Being in Australia I have tried to convert my gauges to metric. I think I have achieved most of them (not tested as vehicle off road at present) but need some help with the odometers. How could I change the units to the metric equivalents on the Odometers and will the values be shown as metric if I have put in the Engine corrections for odometer and fuel meter? Also I have two Plus under my dash one that shows just engine info and the other just gearbox info (Eaton Autoshift) how can I combine these to show both on the VMSPC? I think this is a fantastic product and would like to see more layouts, maybe a section for layouts to be shown on here would be an idea Cheerz Glen

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2014-09-19 13:28


Hello AussieCoach For the Odometer, cut to the chase: 'Advanced' 'Parameter Editor' 'Road Speed' 'Multiplier' (btm rt corner) Change '1' to 1.6093 (and) 'Unit' change MPH to say 'Jill-Hops' OK, save, exit and restart VMSpc. ;-) As for the 'two Plus' situation...we're stuck. Maybe. The USB version VMSpc unit will listen to Either a J1708 OR a J1939 bus standard and on ONE line. Frankly, I don't know if the two plugs are giving respective data on different...or the same bus standard. Find out. If its the same, they may be able to talk and then both to the JIB as well. Likely (as they're not physically connected just now) they're using different standards. If that's the case, I think you're stuck. That being said, I'll round-table this at our next staffer and see if there's a path forward. cheers! Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics, Albany, Oregon

Hi Art Thanx for the reply I have changed the Unit and put in the multiplier for The Roadspeed in Parameter editor but the units for the odometers still don't change. They do for a simple gauge for road speed but nothing seems to change the units for the odometers. Any further ideas?? I dont really want to use text to display units on the odometers Any hints on how I tell if I am reading J1708 or j1939? Thanx Glen

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2014-09-23 13:55


Hello Glen The gauge 'presentation' or what-it-looks-like can also be changed at the gauge itself by selecting it (lft-clik) then entering its properties (rt-clik.) In that property box, you can UN-check-box the undesirable Units, Name(s,) Graph etc. Give that a try. J1708 or J1939? -- Easy Squeesy: (Advanced) (Communications) Button: (Advanced USB Jib Properties) Upper part of box is dedicated (as marked) to J1708...the bottom to J1939. This feature is unique to USB JIBs--they are backwards compatible to J1708. Wifi and Bluetooth are not. eg. J1939 only. Cheers Art //