Saw a reference to a classic version of VMSpc for older coaches (1998 with a Cat diesel). Is this still available? Do I lose any functionality over a standard version? Thanks, Kevin

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2014-08-12 15:04


Hello Kevin The Classic version, the JS-500, is a serial-port PC connection specifically for the older J1708 bus (connection.) for older engines. It will not work with newer engines. It will not work on the RV-c bus--which can also supply house data. Short answer: engine-trans data only with the '500 and then on an older engine. Here: Which JIB model do I have? ...are some comparisons from our website. The Classic is out of production--though we do have factory refurbished for $229 plus postage. If you have a modern pusher with the newer J1939 or RVc bus, you may take interest in the current line of VMS-PC. The USB version is $395 as a complete kit. Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics