Apologies in advance for not knowing more coming into the forum, but I've never owned an RV till now, and jumped in with both feet. A friend and I have a 97 Holiday Rambler Imperial 40 WDS with a mechanical injected Cummins C8.3 - 325hp and Allison MD3060 trans. I am interested engine monitoring, as well as transmission and other systems monitoring. My question is, can a mechanical injected Cummins like this C8.3 be monitored, since it (apparently?) has no ECM, PCM, or other means of electronic control? Again, apologies in advance for the newbie question, but the entire RV game is new to me, and I've never owned a diesel before now either. I'm a drag racer, and I race a twin turbo outlaw drag radial car with stand alone EFI and I do all my own fabrication and welding work (along with a retired engineer friend, who also has a similar turbocharged Mustang), as well as all the tuning, engine, suspension and rear end work in the cars, so I'm not oblivious to things mechanical. I use fairly sophisticated electronics on these cars, such as Davis Technologies traction control, Davis Technologies wheelie control, NLR Systems AMS1000 boost controller, MSD 7531 ignition system, and F.A.S.T. (Fuel Air Spark Technology) XFI 2.01 stand alone electronic fuel injection with a host of data logging sensors for everything from engine monitoring, to suspension travel , so I'm no stranger to electronics either. All that said, I'm still at the BOTTOM of the learning curve with diesels and with RV's. In drag racing, data is power, and I suspect RV's are no different. I really just need to know what telemetry is compatible with an older school coach like our 1997 Holiday Rambler Imperial. My fear is, there is not enough factory electronics, to be able to tie in further VMS equipment. Any help, advice, or recommended Silverleaf products for this RV would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Scott Russell