I have a VMS 440 CL. I recently had some work down on engine at Cummins. When I picked up coach I had two codes on the SilverLeaf. They are; Emissions Fault and Protect Lamp. I ask Cummins about this so they put there scanner on it had no codes. No dash alert lights were on. and I checked the diagnostic screen and it shows no problems. So my question is how do I clear the two codes from the SilverLeaf. Also what does it mean Protect Lamp?

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Mon, 2012-12-03 11:17


For Future Reference, both of these Messages are a General Information Message, if you can provide the Suspect Parameter Number ( SPN ) for each, we could give you further directions. Since these are Most Likely a transient Code, and are not reoccurring, you can clear the Engine History from the Hidden Screen, accessed by pressing Drive and Scan at the same time for 4-6 Seconds, it will be the second option down, which you highlight and Press the Knob to Clear. If these codes continue to return, and there is no Engine Issues, you will need to return the Unit to us, so we can update the Software..