I changed to a different tire size, which is exactly 2.5% larger in circumference, according to flatland GPS measurements/mile markers vs. original VMSpc. OEM tires were 235/80/22.5" while the replacements are 275/70/22.5". I'd like to reset just one 'trip odometer', the one I have set to track engine parameters from day one, to *not* reflect this 2.5% increase except from a certain mileage point, about 62K miles. I have made adjustments for the current odometers I use, of which there are four, I'm an info-geek, but that one I'd like to yank 2.5% out of the first 62K miles of data so I have a dead-on mileage reading for the 'lifetime' odo. Ideas??? Thanks, Kelly Bradley currently on the road, in Pigon Forge, TN at the moment