On my VMSpc the unit for battery volts (V) disappears. I have determined that it is probably a bug. What happens is that the unit for the first gauge in the parameter file, which is usually Battery volts, dissappears. As a work-around I created a dummy gauge called Amps. Since it appears before Battery I can now enter a V for units and it stays put. I've reported this to Mark.

Submitted by Ted Bryan on Sun, 2012-01-15 17:32


I have gone back to the 2.5b4 program I seem to have less problems with it. I intermittently drop the reporting data to Zero on the following PIDs, this may be for a few minutes or longer. The PIDs I have this problem with are Battery Volts and Engine Coolant Temperature. When reporting the MAX Speed or MAX Manifold Temperature occasionally the system will report impossible numbers. Like 159 MPH or 400+ (F) Intake Manifold Temperature. I will also receive on occasion a audio message (my voice)that the Turbo has exceeded the max set pressure (45 PSI). None of the engine sensors are reporting errors to the ECM.