Can I run VMspc on an Android Tablet?

Submitted by roadwarrior on Tue, 2012-04-10 15:13


VWSpc connect via the ODBII connector. Click the VMSpc link on the Left and look at the connector to see if you have one. if so you probably can use the system. I don't see your engine in the configurations, so you would have to use the sniffer and build your own. as a precaution I would contact the RV mfg and ask them if the RV has ODBII,

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Tue, 2012-04-24 09:08


VMSpc runs on Windows i386 and amd64 Systems under Windows 98SE through Windows 7. The 2000 Harney Renegade with a Cat 3216B is a Large Truck Engine and will work with any of the VMS Products. Large Truck Engines use J1708/J1587 and/or J1939 for their Data Communication. OBD II is used for Small Truck Engines and Automobile Engines. SilverLeaf VMS Engine Monitors do not support OBD II. The Cat 3126 became the Cat C-7 and have Identical Torque and Horsepower Curves for a given Horsepower rating. If you have a 300HP Cat 3126B, select the 300HP Cat C-7.

Submitted by roadwarrior on Thu, 2012-04-26 12:51


J1939 has an 11bit and a 29 bit mode. the 11 bit is the ODBII codes the 29bit is the extended mode and deal with Body, Chassis, Instrument Panel, Engine Control, Throttle control, and many more. so in these protocols what is supported?

SilverLeaf products only support J1708/J1587 and J1939. The J1939 support is ONLY Extended Format CAN Messages with 29bit Identifiers at 250Kbps. The Standard Format Identifiers and other Bit Rates are Not supported. The RV-C Standard is ONLY Extended Format CAN Messages with 29bit Identifiers at 250Kbps.

Submitted by Edmmer on Sun, 2012-07-01 18:19


I have a 2006 Monaco Windsor with the Cummins 400 ISL. Under the dash is the 6 pin diagnostic connector. As is well documented on this site, no transmission data is revealed by VMSpc when the 6 pin port is used. If I understand these systems correctly, the transmission data is sent over the J1939 bus and the J1939 data lines are not present in the 6 pin diagnostic port. Inside the dash there appear to be other electronics that use the J1939 data lines - the Beede Instru-Link and the Aladdin J1939 Bridge. Can I simply tap the J1939 data +/- lines and supply these to pins 5 and 6 on the VMSpc module? Another possible solution may be in the foreward electrical bay driver's side foreward outside. There is a 9 pin diagnostic port labeled 'TRANS'. This would be a little more complicated routing from outside the coach to inside. On this coach the 12v power is constantly on at the 6 pin port and switched at the 9 pin port. Can the 12v power to pin 7 of the VMSpc be derived from any convenient switched source instead of coming from the diagnostic port? What is the purpose of pin 8 (Headlight Switch) on the VMSpc? Thanks, Doug