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This module is being phased out and to be replaced by the TM-350 - Video Matrix 7x5. Designed specifically for in-vehicle video applications where multiple video sources must be switched among multiple monitors. Perfect for splitting and switching rear and side-view camera signals to two or more monitors. It also makes it easy to set up security camera systems for RVs. You can even set up a passenger video station with GPS and camera video completely under the passenger's control.

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Four Video Inputs, Four Video Outputs Share video signals from side and rear cameras, GPS systems, security cameras, or video entertainment devices. Any standard NSTC signal is allowed. (Note: The switch handles video only, not audio.)

Display the video on up to four monitors. At any time, any input can be routed to any output, and inputs can be duplicated. Thus, the VDX 404 eliminates the need for signal splitters and amplifiers.
Digital Switching Technology The VDX 404 uses state-of-the-art digital switching technology. All outputs are fully buffered, eliminating the need for signal amplifiers or conditioners. Switching time is under one millisecond - far less than the video frame rate, or what the human eye can perceive. The unit requires only 200 milliamps at 12 Vdc.
Programmable Digital Outputs Two digital outputs are provided to allow the unit to signal other devices or drive relays. Each can be programmed to activate independently of the video outputs. Primarily designed to provide a "reverse" signal for certain monitors, they can also be used to activate items when the blinkers are turned on or other events occur.
12 Configurable Digital Inputs This is the key to the VDX 404's flexibility. It has twelve digital inputs (six 12Vdc active high, six grounded active low), each of which can be configured to connect with either a standard switch, a blinker, or a momentary switch. Each input is also configured to control any or all of the video and digital outputs. Each switch can operate either independently or interactively with the other switches, allowing incredible flexibility. Inputs can even be configured to cycle through multiple states - allowing a momentary action to switch an output through multiple inputs.
Designed for Automotive Environment The VDX 404 is designed to operate in the automotive environment. It operates on 12 Vdc nominal, but tolerates voltages of up to 36 Vdc or as little as 9 Vdc. It uses just 200 mA of power, and is small enough (3.75"x5.5"x1.25") to be easily hidden away. And the VDX 404 is unique in being the only video switch that has a SAE J1939 vehicle interface, allowing it to be hooked up to the vehicle data bus in most RVs and cars. VDX404 Serial Tool (for changing the Configuration).