I have an odometer set up as a daily Trip gauge. I have Miles, Fuel, MPG, and MPH on the display. On my first run, it only showed miles incrementing and zeros for the other fields. When I arrived home and opened the properties box for the odometer to see if anything seemed set up wrong (there was nothing wrong), I closed the properties box and then the screen updated, partially. Here is the text file from that Odometer: End Date Miles Time Fuel Speed MPG ============================================= 7/23/10, 49.9, 2:57, 8.8, 16.9, 5.7 7/25/10, 1.1, 0:21, 0.0, 3.0, 0.0 7/25/10, 32.4, 0:00, 4.1, 0.0, 7.8 Strangely, it shows zero time and thus, I'm guessing, zero speed. The drive actually measured about 40 minutes. Do I need to do something to allow time to accumulate? In the file, it shows that time was being kept track of for previous routes, so am unsure what to do. Any ideas appreciated.