Unfortunately (but obviously not SilverLeaf's fault), the generator is not being monitored by the engine computer, so there's no real way to have VMSpc do any calculations for it. So, how do you other users incorporate the extra fuel burn based on generator usage, and how close do you REALLY get? From boondocking, I learned my QD8000 uses about 0.4-0.5gph by itself, but I can never get a good overall burn calculation from engine and generator together, even though engine-alone burn comes out quite close to what the VMSpc says. With the generator's numbers, my calculations are all over the board - I'm talking maybe 55 gallons one time and 70 the next for a comparable run, which has got to be wrong since there aren't that many hours of usage between fillups. Somewhere in the garage, I think I still have one of those late '70s Zemco gauge-systems that had a ball-in-race type of fuel sensor, and am tempted to stick it in-line with the generator. Trouble is, it was never that accurate either. Comments?