I have the small gauge for telling me when the engine brake is in operation. The gauge works great, however I would like to reverse the colors. Now when in operation the color is GREEN and when not in operation its color is RED. I would like to reverse the colors, have the gauge display GREEN for non operation and RED when in operation. This is on a Mercedes Benz engine with (CTV) Constant Throttle Valve engine brake, one stage. Has anyone done this?

Submitted by RVAcer on Sat, 2017-05-06 19:52


I have a simple gauge that uses PID 121. It works as above. With the retarder off it indicates a "green" dot and displays the word "OFF". When the status of the retarder changes (turns on) the dot goes "red" and the display goes to the word "error". It responds correctly to what the exhaust brake is doing, but... Now, how can I get the gauge to display "ON" instead of "Error" when PID 121 changes to engaged?