Wait, 'new error' implies I have other errors. I don't. I had trouble getting my VMSpc to communicate with the computer, but I semi-resolved that, and when I reset three trip odometers, I now receive this error upon launch: "Failure Initializing Shared File. Result = 0x00B7" Ideas? I've not been able to have the VMSpc communicate with the engine since this started. If I close the error window, VMSpc seems to load fine, but it doesn't see the JIB. Under 'communications', all I see if PC Port Failure, and nothing, other than resetting three odometers, has occured since it was working, five minutes before. Thanks! edit: a reboot fixed it, and while I had a backup of it as of Sunday, it was nice to not have to mess with it Kelly '99 Freightliner-chassied Bounder Diesel 39Z, 115K miles, and the VMSpc is awesome for engine/drivetrain feedback (80K+ of VMSpc miles)!