I have a Battery Voltage bar graph displayed below the Battery Voltage digital readout on the VMSpc window. I am wondering if there is a way to have that bar graph show ALL Green when above the normal voltage, then when it drops below that green trigger, the whole bar goes yellow, and finally all red when dropping below a critical low voltage level. The normal display is showing mostly red (8V-11.5V) then a sliver of yellow (11.5v-12.5v) and finally green from 12.5v to the current voltage. At a quick glance, it looks like the gauge is actually in a red condition, until you look closely for the yellow and green slivers of color. I guess there are two types of gauges. The first gauge should display a red condition when increasing above a set value. The second type would display a red condition when decreasing below a trigger value. Does VMSpc only truly support the proper coloring of bar graphs for type #2 above? Thanks in advance! Jeff S. Glendale, AZ