Installed VMSpc 3.5 after installing Drivers on a new HP Tablet running Windows 10 Home. Added a Com Port 7, but VMSpc does not recognize Port. Seems that on a previous install on Nextbook 8.1 you had me change some port settings to get the port recognized by VMSpc. Do those values/settings appear on Forum? Pat Coleman

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2016-04-07 11:14


Hello Pat A have an answer to a different question: "Why didn't the drivers work after installing on Windows-10?" Win-10 won't allow any custom device driver to install completely unless done "As Administrator." I've also taken to installing them in Compatibility Mode for Win-8 or earlier. This is all done via the Properties (box) of "Install_Drivers.exe" There can be some other settings to change but I wouldn't expect this on your tablet. As for finding them on the forum, use the "Search This Site:" box up and to the right --->