All, Starting the shopping for VMSpc components. My proposed install: Mount: Approx 6-8" screw mount extension from left windshield post. Looking for a mount that is solid and doesn't have the "clamp fingers" wrapped around the screen (i.e., is model specific so it somehow attaches to back of tablet, snaps around the edge, or at least has very short fingers, looking for something that doesn't look temporary). There are so many mounts out there but I have yet to find something that will work for me. (Attachment shows proposed mount in yellow and tablet in red). I realize mounting in a "cantilever" fashion from the post may lead to a little vibration (which of course I do want to avoid) but I'm trying to avoid drilling the dash behind the proposed tablet location. My plan is to install as-if this was just something that came with the coach, not considering using tablet for any other purpose (already have laptop/smartphone/GPS/etc....) unless I should be considering something I'm not. Can't use stick-on dash disk as position of tablet would be too high and would interfere with view of left mirror. Tablet: 7" Windows based (largest I have room for). Dimming and "sleep" issues seem to be considerations based on what I've read. What ports (e.g., mini/micro/full size USB, memory card, etc) and features (WiFi, bluetooth, etc) should I be looking for, for both power hookup and VMS attachment? No idea what brands to seek/avoid. Connection: Hard wired for both power and communication with port. Prefer avoiding connect/reconnect issues unless I can be convinced otherwise. Don't mind powering unit on/off manually (in fact, would this be preferable?) I've spent some time on the phone with the Silverleaf folks, and will again, but would love input and ideas from users. Thanks.

Submitted by pfhays on Wed, 2015-12-02 16:46


I use a 10" tablet with the USB JIB. I just rest the tablet against my dash instrument panel. My screen setup replaces all the gauges on the dash so those covered by the tablet aren't of concern.