Can this VMSpc cause this proublem. This trouble started when I bought the VMSpc and plug the round 6 pin plug in under the dash it ramdomly brings on the ABS and ATC light. The diag. print out showes quite a few ramdom errors. Mostly TRN SID 231 9 SAE J1939 Data Link. Then the Transmission showes CODE d1-00 Serial Communication Interface Fault. Some times it works OK and some times it brings on all these troubles. 2002 Monaco Windsor ISC350, MH3000 Trans

Submitted by dgrall on Mon, 2017-07-03 12:07


I have a 2003 Revolution built on Freightliner XC chassis with Cummins ISC350. I have connected the 6-pin connector under the dash to a OBD11 converter plug and the OBD11 converter cable to a OBD11 Bluetooth transmitter. The bluetooth connection is accessible to an application on Android cell phone. The android application connects to the bluetooth transmitter, but will not connect to the ECM. What type of 'protocol' is used for the 6 pin connector to the ECM? I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance. Dave