Tank minders is not working with use recent MPG box checked. The level of the tank updates but the miles to empty and MPG are both zeros. I can get data if I uncheck the use recent MPG box. Also the other day my dog steps on the laptop keyboard and a window for odometer properties popped up. I like the data available in this window just can not find where it came from. I'm running version 2.3 build 4. Ken Risberg

Submitted by kikinanac on Sat, 2016-03-26 09:10


I am using VMSpc 3.1 build 3 and I never had any problems since I bought the software. I went to Caterpillar for maintenance and they updated the software of the engine for the most recent one. Since that update I cannot see any recent MPG (pid 502) also rolling MPG (pid 9). I cannot monitor the mpg in the trip , what is left in my tank, nothing works for trip management. Is there an update for this engine? or there is something I have to do to make this work? Need help Thank you