2006 Monaco Camelot.
February 2020 I had the Alladin system and the dash monitor replaced with a VMS 350 6 button and a Kenwood monitor that allowed Apple Car Play.

I have had a problem with the monitor going blank and unable to show engine data or video from the rear camera. Pushing VIEW does nothing as far as switching goes. Side cameras work well during this occurence ruling out the monitor itself.

If the rear camera was the problem, then I should still be able to get the engine data? So, my thoughts are that this fault being intermittent and after a period of time it all comes back to normal for a period of time is a loose connection or a hardware fault?

I took a video of the problem and shared it with Eric Olstrom who did the install. My problem is this:
The Coach is in Canada and my closest Silver Leaf service center is in Penticton B.C. I am concerned about how the warranty would be handled if I took it there?

This install was very stressful as they had to Hot Shot 3 different units from Oregon to Arizona taking days to get it working properly.

This is not a post slaging Eric Olstrom or his attempts to get it working in any means. I would take to back to him if the border was open for further investigation.

Your thoughts?????