Imagine using a tablet, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which has only ONE USB port and it is used for both data transfer and charging. Will the TM-501 supply charging power through its USB cable to the tablet, while simultaneously transferring data from the OBD2 to the tablet?

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2021-03-19 14:46


In short: no

The jib pulls a small amount of current from the Diagnostics socket; this is limited to 200mA per device, a rule for J1708 and J1939.

The Tablets which use the micro-USB sockets, where this could be of some use, won't work with VMSpc. It must be a full-size USB.

Also, the other significant spec is Windows. The software is written to work with Windows PC computers; it will not operate on an Android tablet such as the Galaxy.



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