I have a new-to-me 2007 Monaco Dynasty that was converted from Aladdin to Silverleaf. Tank monitoring was converted to See-Level II and tank monitors all appear to be functioning and accurate.

According to the vague documentation (receipts from previous owner) the VMS350 was installed to replace the Aladdin, and an additional VMS350 was added to facilitate displaying the camera images on the stock Kenwood screen in the coach bedroom. A Carling switch was added in the bedroom to switch between camera views. The front display on the coach is the stock color Sony VCB-62MH.

Neither the Wet Bay nor the basement temp sensors work (Wet Bay displays as 0, basement temp shows nothing at all). In reviewing the forum, I see a replacement sensor is available, but not sure whichpart number(s) I will need. Does the VMS350 support only 1 sensor or can I have both on the Silverleaf system?

The auto-fill on from city to holding tank doesn't work. The Silverleaf shows the Autofill as OFF, but unable to edit/turn ON through the menu. Does the VMS350 not support this function?

It shows AGS as OFF. I have not tested that functionality, though hoping that is working as designed.

The previous owner said the PS turn camera lost functionality when the upgrade was done. The DS works intermittently. Both PS/DS side views switch on the display but goes to a black screen (no video). I am in the process of spec-ing new cameras for the coach, so will troubleshoot that issue with their install. Unless it is a switcher issue, I should be able to fix whatever it is with camera replacement/cable replacement. Rear camera is operational but the picture quality is sub-optimal.

I would like to divorce the camera system from the Silverleaf display, and replace the old Sony VCB 62MH display with a flush-mount quad-view display for the cameras and use a surface tablet (or other windows-based tablet) to run the Silverleaf display through.

My related questions here are:
Would I be better off getting a camera display with trigger wires for Backup, PS side camera and DS side camera and tap into the the existing dash harness trigger wires for each, or let the existing switcher (which already "sees" the triggers and feed the video output to a single-input monitor? Keep in mind I don't want to kill the camera feeds to the second VMS350/bedroom monitor.

If I intend to feed the Silverleaf data to a Windows tablet via USB, which module/harness works with the VMS350?

Before anyone kicks me in the shin for not pre-reading the forum for answers, I did do that. The second VMS350 clouds the issue, and some of the answers to my other questions were sometimes contradictory or confusing (and I consider myself to be at least reasonably intelligent anyway). I have looked at the documents section here, but have no idea how they implemented/wired the second VMS350.

Are there other functionalities the coach potentially lost in the upgrade that Aladdin supported and Silverleaf doesn't that I've not found yet?

I know this is a long post with lots of questions. I appreciate any guidance!