All - Would like advice on which small tablet to use. Have an Amazon Fire, but it won't work as I understand it. So need some advice on which windows tablet to get, it' does not have to do anything other than run the VMspc device/software. I am trying to keep the costs down for all the tire sensors (10-MH and Toad) and unit. I will need to figure out how to power all this stuff as well. Only one 12VDC outlet on dash now. Have toad brake unit and GPS plugged in now with "Y" splitter unit. Ideas would be appreciated.

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2019-10-24 11:39


First, the PC kit, as you've found, requires Windows. That's step or point one. Next:

--Full size USB socket. This will operate as you've seen on most PCs over the past 20yrs. The tablets with only a micro-USB don't use that socket in the same way; they're non-starters.

So, that's about it for requirements. Next is: It must actually fit somewhere...

Most folks are migrating towards the Asus, Acer and RCA Cambio with some users opting for the Surface-Pro from Microsoft. Any of these are fine if they meet those two criteria. You'll also note (though not obvious) the top most images on the VMSpc Gallery are Cambios; these are then powered by 5V by way of a small barrel connection. This is often done via ciggy lighter adapter to USB, then a Cambio power cable from there to the tablet. Alternatively, I believe there's also dedicated plug/cable sets for this online.

The 5V tablets typically draw less than 2A @ 5V, putting less than 1A of load on the 12V.