Is there a manual available for TM 550 wifi module? Seems to have lost communications and the crestron no longer works. Any thoughts?

The HMS360/365 displys when you test WiFi connection scrolls thru resetting modem, inializing modem, checking handshake etc. Never connects all "0"s with bits sent & recieved.

Should the HMS360/365 connect independent of anything? If there isn't a connection between HMS360/365 and the TM550 the Crestron can't connect correct?


Submitted by Mark Overholser on Thu, 2019-09-05 15:40


There really isn't a manual...

The Crestron is a Seperate but Inter-connected System through the TM525 Module..

If the Crestron System can be controlled through the SilverLeaf HMS360/365, there might be an issue with the TM550..  If you Can't Control the Crestron with the HMS360/365, there might be an Issue with the TM525..


If the TM550 Won't Connect to your WiFi Access Point, there is either an Issue with the WiFi Radio Module in the TM550, or the SSID and PSK in the TM550 don't match your Access Point...


Once the TM550 is Connected, you will need to verify the its IP Address, Gateway IP Address and Net Mask match the Access Point's IP Range, IP Address and Netmask...  Otherwise they will not communicate.


Finely, the RVC App's Settings must match the TM550 Settings in order to connect...


If your sure your WiFi Settings are Accurate, there must be a Hardware Issue with the TM550, and you will need to contact us to see about Repairs.