I've been trying to customize the look of my VMSpc by changing colors and everytime I try it kicks me out of the program. I just purchased it in January so I'm assuming it's the latest update.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2019-08-19 12:02


Its curious that it would close, when all its doing is updating the settings.dat.xml file.

You didn't mention the PC Windows version or the software version...so will be taking my one shot at this by guessing....which seems pretty safe.

I suspect you're using v4.0.8 which uses a .xml type files. And, I suspect your windows is Win-10 home version. In this license version, the 'Windows Experience' [whatever] is streamlined for more of an Android or Apple-look. As such, they change a setting within File Manager to "Not show extensions for known file types."  Traditionally, this 'dot-3' or .xml portion is how we used to know how the stuff worked.

In Microsofts' infinite wisdom, they've relieved you of that burden...which may have borked our program. Here's a link for how to turn that back on.

If, after turning this feature on (or, it was already showing file extensions) then we have a different problem. Likely a re-install of the program will resolve it.

If need be, reply back with your results (along with the helpful stuff of OS version & VMSpc version.)