2017 Freightliner custom chassis with Cummins ISB6.7 340.
Just installed the JIB for the first time. I’m getting good data with the VMSpc 4.1 beta, but when I shut everything down, the Jib red led still does its no data single flash. I unplugged the usb to make sure it wasn’t getting power through there and it still flashes. Is this normal and how much power does it draw? Just the led (10ma per flash) or is there more interface circuitry drawing current?

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2019-08-19 11:19


The Jib draws ~60mA from the diagnostics port when its powered on. On some coaches, per their own wiring schema, this is 24-7. The spec is to de-power the ECU and ECM with key-off--which most do.

From the USB-side of the box, there is a draw of ~30mA. This is a typical CAN-bus connection.

As for 'normal' flashes, I would expect the LED to flash if the Tablet is live and JIB plugged into it, and/ or, if diags cable is plugged into the Deutsch connection and the key is on (or always powered.)

Hope this helps