My odometers do not update in version 4.08. I had the same problem with 4.06 and asked for help but no response.

I have a 2000 Country Coach Magna with a CAT C-10 engine.

I've been forced back to version 2.5 for the second time. Is there anything I can do?

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2019-08-19 12:26


We've found version 4.0.8 wasn't ever going to correctly parse the J1708 bus without a compete re-write. Ground up. Initially it seemed some tweeks were needed--and it was a beta so it received several. But the underlying problem rests in code that, over 20 years, hasn't undergone a complete update using tools for Win-10 (with backwards compatibility.)

The takeaway is a very delayed release--not for an update though, but for a completely new program.

I have been beta testing v5.0 and have it out with 4 testers in the field. The first 'module' if you will --or, 'installment', has just Simple gauges and a single engine parser. However, it also has the auto-detect COM section--no more sorting out COM ports. Once plugged in the program will find the jib and immediately begin displaying data. This is working...yet we're a ways off from a version worth distributing 'to try out.'

For now, continue to use v2.5. When can you expect the v5 release? Not even going to guess. I haven't received a date for one worth distributing. Its important, its in queue and being worked on weekly--if not daily. We'll see.