Old laptop stop working trying to go to widows 7 pc use it USB port. Like to use the old JR500 J1708. interface.(rs232) got a re232 to usb conversation with chip and drivers. VMS not starting port set as rsr232 or sub?

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2019-08-19 12:34


If plugging into USB on your Win-7 machine, your serial to USB adapter will need to be Win-7 compliant. Most were...many counterfits (which were plentiful) aren't. We found this to be the largest problem with folks jumping from XP to Win-10.

The takeaway is you'll need to identify the adapter model/ brand and do a web search for Windows drivers. Such are the trials of the old serial-style jib. Alternately, you can find this, with Win-10 compatibility, for ~$12 or less on line.

I hope this answers your question, it wasn't phrased in a way that could mean much else.