I am interested in knowing what current product I can buy to give me good TPMS.. I boiught a set up online that came with its own screen and screw-on sensors. and it was terrible.. one sensor was bad right off the bat, the display screen had a missing segment and its backlight wont stay on while driving... im going to be replacing all 4 of my drives here pretty soon so if a product exists and uses internal sensors. it will be a good time to get them installed.. (they will just have to dismount 2 extra tires outside of the replacement).. ideally somethiung that would display on my VMSpc screen but otherwise just something with a nice screen that I can keep lit up all the time.. I do a lot of night driving.. sometimes I sleep during the day and roll wheels all night.. whats out there and what do you guys use? -Christopher

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2019-08-19 12:43


Our TPMS choices reflect the customers' desire. Our equipment goes into Newmar coaches--they use Valor TPMS via RV-C bus. This is a good internal sensor. Spendy--and don't ask me how much; you'd have better accuracy looking from the consumer-side than my OEM info.

This is the extent of my knowledge of internal sensors. SmarTire was good (and still is) --though the units are out of production. The sensors are easily enough gotten via Dickman tire in Junction city.

Otherwise, internal type notwithstanding, we've partnered with PressurePro and TST for screw-on types. The latter is a pretty good set up which uses the flow-through sensors. Its also being incorporated into v5 VMSpc.