Just learning about the VMSpc system. Really an impressive package. Not long ago, bought a 2001 Country Coach, and I'm trying to fit it out. One of the first things I learned was that the tires, which all had 3/4 inches of tread to go, were about 9 years old! So, we started thinking about a TPMS. (Actually, we also put new tires all the way around, but still, I want to be able to monitor them.) That somehow led me to learning a little about the Silverleaf VMSpc. Understanding the PressurePro system was the only TPMS that integrates with it, I sprange for their PULSE FX - after all, I have an Android phone . . . [ https://tirepressuremonitor.com/pressurepro-fx/ ] But when I tried to install the PULSE software, the phone says, Sorry, cannot operate on this old a phone. Does anyone know, does the PressurePro PULSE FX bluetooth integrate directly with the VMSpc software? Since my phone is no good, can the Windows tablet I was intending to use as a VMSpc display pick up and display the TPMS info?