Greetings... will there be engine files for the newer Cummins engines where they have dropped the "IS"; such as, the L9?

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2019-02-15 16:10


Engine files are locally created from scratch, using a triangle, pencil and some graphing, pulling numbers from a chart. This chart shows the exact torque and horsepower curves at beginning and highest RPMs. [Usually shown as 1000/1200 RPM up thru 2000/ 2200.] I describe this as, if there's a new engine, its up to the user to supply this model name (ISL/ ISL9-400..etc) along with its graphical curves. Ultimately, it comes down to this. One of my roles here is to build these and its pretty exciting stuff. Getting the curves is tough. Cummins is publishing fewer and fewer of these; I suspect to avoid potential litigation, yet, I digress. Please, if you have as part of your MH package the graphical specs, email them to tech at --especially if the engine is one of the post-EPA16 era mills. As their tweaking of their engines continues over time, it'd be nice to capture these if the torque and HP are affected. cheers Art //

Submitted by eldoradoboy on Mon, 2019-03-04 19:15


I reoprogrammed my Navistar T-444E from 190HP to a 250HP and upgraded the turbo.. do I need a new engine file? or will the current one use the fact the engine is using more fuel at higher TPS and adjust the MPG accoprdingly? I will soon be installing the new injectors and opening up the exhaust when the wqeather warmns a bit.. at that point I really dont know how much HP / TQ i will have without dyno-ing it.. -Cbristopher