Hi Art; I saw someone has done this earlier but thought you may want to use this photo anyway. The plan is to use a Samsung Galaxy View 18" screen for my backup camera, security (4) cameras and your engine monitor. What I show now is just a test for a second monitor as I don't plan to use the TV. I have used the program "OBD Fusion" for IPhone for many years on my van, truck and car. Their graphics for dash gauges are worth looking at as a future goal. Just a thought! I use your software for 7K miles a year and used it to easily prove the benefit of having installed my homemade air scoop on my motorhome (plus 0.6 MPG). I can't say enough good things about your software. The photo shows my screen layout and the details I use. I am now in the process of buying and installing a PDQPerformance module on my 2005 C7 Cat engine and will continue to use your software to justify any performance and economy gains. Wishing I could connect pyro terminals to your control box. Another future goal? Keep up the excellent work. Murray Sweet.